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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Suit

When it comes to the wedding preparations most of the focus is usually on the bride; what colour dress will she wear, what flowers will she pick, how will her hair be styled? The groom, on the other hand, can often feel like a third wheel in the proceedings while endless preparations manically occur around him. 

However in this week's #WeddingHour blog we've decided to put the brides aside, and let the grooms take to the main stage. Below you'll find our tips for finding the right wedding suit for your big day, and some helpful advice on ensuring that it looks it's best on you.

The Classic Man

For the classic look you will need a Traditional Morning Suit. This consists of a black or grey tail coat, grey and black striped trousers, and a light grey waistcoat. Underneath a white shirt must be worn matched with a neck-tie.  

Or if you'd prefer to be a little-less traditional, opt for a blue Morning Suit. You can also be more experimental with your choice in cufflinks to add some flair to the ensemble.  Black lace-ups are the best option for the Traditional Morning Suit. Black brogues in our opinion are too informal, whilst loafers are definitely too informal.

The Modern Man

A Modern Day Suit is a simple but elegant choice for many men nowadays. A slim-fit suit is preferable and so we'd advise having a tailor alter your suit or having a bespoke suit made to your exact measurements.

A Day Suit affords more possibilities in terms of flair, as they can be easily matched with a colourful tie (slim not skinny) and shirt. Wear a waistcoat with your Day Suit to add a little more formality. Black lace-ups are a safe option but brogues or loafers can add personality to your ensemble.

The Eccentric

A break away from the traditional can be great, and options such as Nehru jackets or a shirt and tweed waistcoat can inject your personality into the day. However ensure it's a natural fit for your style and theme of the wedding. Always make sure to check the final decision with your bride.

Whilst not an eccentric choice, Scottish ceremonial dress and Military Uniforms are an option where relevant. We've held ceremonies with both dress codes and they certainly add a lot of personality into whole day!   

The Night Owl

For evening weddings the Groom can wear a Dinner Suit with satin striped trousers and bow tie. Wear a pristine white shirt with turn down collars and a pleated bib for the perfect look. And finally a pair of well-polished Oxford shoes or black patent shoes are best for evening wear.

For an exceptionally formal evening wedding, full evening dress can be worn. White Tie and Tails are rarely seen, especially outside of the UK but this option can look very elegant when done well. 

Tips For Looking Your Best:

  • Buy it, don't hire it. Spend enough time on the tailoring, so the suit fits perfectly and you look like million bucks on your wedding day.
  • Use a high quality fabric such as cashmere. You will be amazed how much difference this makes. Make sure you take into account the climate and pick a fabric that will help you keep cool.
  • Break your shoes in a month before the wedding. Don't spoil the footwork for your first dance.
  • Don't forget about the small details. A nice pair of cufflinks can make all the difference.