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My Best Friend's Wedding

For some brides, one of the most exciting aspects of a wedding is celebrating and planning with those closest to you, and sauntering down the aisle with your nearest and dearest girlfriends… your bridesmaids. Nevertheless, if you thought choosing your dress was no mean feat, just add your beloved group of girls into the mix, who each have different ideas on what constitutes style, and you may encounter a few pitfalls.

When it comes to bridesmaid shopping, many brides find themselves acting as more of a diplomat on the verge of a world war than a carefree woman on the brink of wedded bliss. But fear not, we have the perfect formula for a stress free trip to the bridal boutique…

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Complementing the bride

The first thing to remember is that, as well as being your pillars of support for the day, the bridesmaids are there to complement the bride, so only begin your foray into the world of bridesmaids dresses once your dress has been chosen. Once you have selected your gown, take into account its style, whether it's vintage, classic or modern, for example. This will steer you in the right direction from the get go.

Each To Their Own

Consider each of your bridesmaids; from their skin tone and their height, to their body shape and their hair colour, not every woman will look the same in your chosen outfit. When choosing the colour, ensure it suits each of your friend's colouring, or consider a two tone colour palette and you can treat yourself to a choice of warm and cool tones to tailor across the group.

Style Tailoring

As well as bearing in mind the different colour tones for your ladies, many modern brides opt for different styles and shapes for each of their bridesmaids too. With the best will in the world we cannot all look the same in a dress, so it is worth steering clear from stuffing a curvaceous pear shaped bridesmaid and an athletic straight up and down bridesmaid into the same dress and hoping for the same result. Many brands offer a selection of dresses in the same fabric with different necklines or skirt shapes for example, so you can still retain some cohesion whilst having each of your friends feeling fabulous and looking lovely.

A Dress For All Seasons

It's also worth taking into account both the season and the time of day your wedding is going to take place when it comes to choosing a colour palette. A dark, rich colour might match perfectly against the autumnal landscape of a late afternoon in September, but they might seem at odds with the midday sun in June.

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Whatever difficulties you face or decisions you make, remember the reason these ladies will be stood next to you on one of the most special days of your life, and enjoy your girly moments of preening, planning and dress shopping.