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Say It With Flowers

So you've conquered the wedding world of bridesmaid's dresses, morning suits and the coveted bridal gown, and now your style attention must be turned to dressing the venue.

Whether you're going down the traditional aisle of a church, or you're to be whispering your nuptials in a garden, every setting acts as a blank canvas that you can adorn with personality, whether it's through dustings of delicate flowers or with leafy trees and intricate displays.

Floral ambience

To many they're an afterthought, to some they're what is expected, but to every big day they possess the power to create and reflect the atmosphere and ambience of the occasion. Mother Nature has ensured that they come in endless forms, sizes and hues, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting your ideal wedding flowers.

Many couples prefer to visit florists when it comes to selecting the perfect choice for the big day, and this will help you make a comfortable decision. Ensure when you're talking to the floral designer that they will be the one creating your arrangements, and only opt for someone that you feel a connection with when it comes to your vision.

Venue specific

A great starting point when it comes to researching florists is to visit those near your venue, as it helps to select a floral designer that has dressed the setting before. Those who have knowledge of the destination will be able to direct you when it comes to choosing which colours, sizes and forms work well within the space. If you're working with someone who hasn't seen the venue, go equipped with photos and descriptions of the space.

Floral seasons

Consider what time of year you're going to be saying "I do". Whether you're looking to save some pennies by opting for flowers that are in season, you want your floral arrangements to reflect the mood of the month and the weather, or you want flowers that will survive the day and its temperatures, it is worth taking into account the seasons and their floral offerings.

Colourful themes

Florists will often be happy to help when it comes to picking colours and contrast options, but it is worth having a palette in mind when you first visit. If you've already chosen your bridesmaids dresses, take a swatch of the fabric into the floral designer, so you can ensure your choices blend perfectly. It is also worth taking in photographs of your wedding dress and the bridesmaids gowns, as their style can influence the type of bouquet or corsage you want to opt for.

Finally, ensure you coordinate your delivery times with the arrival or your photographer, as you'll likely want the flowers to feature in any photos taken before the ceremony.