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Summer Bridal Make-Up Tips

Makeup is something that every bride needs to have perfect on her wedding day. However achieving a flawless look in pictures and in person, as well as making it last all day, is hard.

In our first bridal make up post we explain how to achieve a fresh and glowing look, perfect for summer weddings.

First start moisturising your skin well in advance. Do not experiment with a new moisturiser right before the big day, as your skin may react to new products. Either meet with your chosen make-up artist well in advance, or stick to what works the best for you and your skin already.

Next is primer, which is especially important if you have oily skin. Primer prepares your skin for makeup, and makes your skin last longer - exactly what you need for those long summer wedding days! If possible make sure that none of your moisturisers, primers or foundations have a SPF inside, as this can cause a flash back in photos. However as it's the summer, and you don't want to exclude yourself from outside spaces like our Garden Terrace, then try and use a light sun lotion.

After the primer we put on foundation. Depending on what kind of coverage you need and want, you can choose from light, medium and full coverage. For this kind of makeup we suggest minimum coverage, light to medium.

For summer bridal makeup we want to look glowing. We suggest mixing foundation with few drops of illuminator. We can choose from a few different colours of illuminators, however do not overdue this as you may start to look like a disco ball!

After the foundation we put on some concealer, to cancel the darkness under the eyes and to make us look fresh and bright-eyed. For even more glow we suggest applying concealer, which is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation and in the triangle shape. This will help you look as though you are glowing from inside out.

For the most natural look we suggest using all crème products: crème bronze and blusher. To define our face we suggest using the highlighting and contouring technique. We put bronzer in to the hallows of the cheeks, blend it carefully, on the apples of the cheeks we put a little bit of peachy colour blush and on the highest points of the cheekbones we apply highlighter. There are lots of different highlighters you can choose from, drugstore and high end.

After the face application we gently set everything with the powder, so the makeup stays flawless for hours.

To finish your glow, put on some shimmery eye shadow in the corners of the eyes. To make the eyelashes even fuller, we suggest putting tiny black eyeliner on the eyelids and line inner eyelid with back pencil. To finish of the eyes, we apply a lot of mascara for fluttery eyelashes. And of course we suggest choosing waterproof mascara.

Do you have any wedding tips? We'd love to hear them. Share your tips and advice with us and our readers using the hashtag #ChandosBride.