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The Little Things

vintage-carThought to be one of the most stressful occasions to take place in someone's life, a wedding has the ability to make us fret, despair and agonise when it comes to the planning and preparation. Being swamped amidst lists of professionals, suppliers, venues and services, many of us are prone to forgetting some of the finer details, so here's a look at the little things that can make or break a wedding day.

And The Groom Wore…

The bridal gown often sees pride of place amongst the most important aspects of a wedding day, leaving the groom's attire lost beneath lists of bridal boutiques and visions of white silks, ivory taffeta and cream tulle. The groom's suit is fast becoming one of the more considered aspects to the wedding day, with many men opting to invest in some sartorial eye candy when it comes to dressing for the day. Whether you're a man with a keen eye on the catwalk, or a groom who would rather strut down the aisle in his Levis, picking a well-tailored suit will set you seamlessly next to your blushing bride.

Making An Entrance

The wedding day is perhaps your one opportunity to make an entrance and arrive in style. Whether you want to opt for a classic arrival in a vintage car, or you're looking to make a modern statement and start your day off on the seats of an Italian sports car, there are endless options for beginning your journey into wedded bliss…

Setting The Table

With dressing the venue comes the dressing of the tables, and for many couples this is the chance to leave whispers of personality for your guests to enjoy as they drink and dine. Whether you choose to source some unique table favours that will bring a smile to those who are seated, or you tailor your table names around your interests, the sky is the limit when it comes to being creative with the little touches.

Tokens of Appreciation

Traditionally, couples organise personal presents and gestures for those they want to thank on the day, whether it be to the bridesmaids for their support, or the parents for their organisational help. You can opt for classic gestures such as flowers, or you can take the time to find personalised trinkets such as jewellery and hip flasks.

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Tiny Details

Finally, make a list of all the minor details you are likely to forget amidst the anticipation of the big day, from a pen for signing the register and touch up make up for the bride, to an emergency sewing kit, toasting glasses and a knife to cut the cake. Run through the entire day in your head, hopefully without the excited butterflies, and write down every item you might need for each section of the day.