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Winter Wedding Make-Up Tips

Earlier in the year we wrote our Summer Bridal Make-Up Tips blog post. But as the leaves start to turn an Autumnal brown, our follow-up Winter Bridal Make-Up blog has come about all too soon!

For the summer we suggested keeping make-up minimal and ensuring your skin was looking its best. For the winter however we're upping the stakes and opting for a more vivid outlook to ensure even the shortest winter's day is bright.

Before applying your makeup always make sure that your face has been thoroughly cleansed.  After, apply a toner, your preferred moisturizer and add a makeup primer, for a long lasting winter wedding makeup.


Light, smoky eyes with a winged eyeliner is on trend for A/W 2014 and the perfect choice for your winter make-up. To help you with the shape of your eyeliner, apply a small piece of tape from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. This little trick will help you achieve the perfect eyeliner shape for your eye shape.

Next, apply a light shimmery or matte eye shadow all over your eyelid. Secondly with a fluffy brush apply a light brown colour to the crease of your eye, to achieve more definition. Afterwards with a smaller brush add a darker brown colour, only on the outer part of the eyes, to deepen the look even more. With the same small brush then place a little bit of the dark brown colour on the bottom lid, right where the eyelashes start, and then blend it carefully for an extra smoky eye effect. To finish add black winger eyeliner put on your favourite mascara, remove the tape and "voila".

We suggest applying the makeup to you eye first in case of any eye shadow fallout. Do your face makeup as usual: use medium coverage foundation, concealer under the eyes, bronzer for colour and definition, blush and highlighter and of course do not forget the brows.

For the final flash of colour, apply a red lipstick.  Here are some tips for those perfect red lips:

  • There are plenty different colours of red, and be sure to pick a colour that suits you, whether it's bright red or a more burgundy shade.
  • Red with blue undertones will make your teeth appear whiter.
  • Matte red lipsticks are the best choice for a long day because it stays on the longest.
  • Use a red lip liner in the same shade. Liner will make your lips look fuller and the lipstick will stay in place.
  • After application put your finger in your mouth, close your mouth around your finger and slide your finger out. This should remove any lipstick that has gotten on the inner part of your lips and make sure no lipstick gets on your teeth.

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